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Kourtney Kardashian Teaches Workout in Her Live Sessions on YouTube

Famous personalities are known to maintain a strict and healthy lifestyle. While many have been restricted to their homes, workouts have not become obsolete from their routine. Some stars are doing their regular exercises and are posting those videos on social media. This in turn generates an interest among their fans and would also encourage them to try the same. The eldest Kardashian, Kourtney aged 41 had one such video recently.

Kourtney Kardashian Doing Exercises

The eldest Kardashian sister as we all know is a fitness freak. Although 41 year old and mother of three she has always maintained peak body fitness. In a recent video conversation she spoke with Tiktok star Addison Rae. Rae is the fourth most followed international celebrity on social media. They were seen having a candid conversation about body fitness. Kourtney then performed a few Yoga exercises that she had practiced during this period of lockdown. She then also did a butt exercise which helps her reduce the body calories and relaxes her hip muscles.

What Exercises Did Kourtney Do?

In the video Kourtney initially performed a few Yoga exercises. Then she did a 1000 rope jump which is generally considered to be very difficult to do. She also did a host of other exercises like Fire Hydrants, Fire Hydrants Extensions and Donkey Kicks. The exercise that took the internet by storm was her booty shaking session. There she showed how to move the hips and burn the fat and calories present there. She told Addison how she used to practice these exercises during her times in the college. Rae in reply also said that she too had been performing bench press exercises from her bed.

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What Is the Objective Behind the Video?

These stars are technically fitness gurus. They provide people with the necessary information on how to keep oneself fit and healthy. Kourtney showed a variety of postures on how to maintain body fitness and have a firmness added to the body structure. Fans who would watch the video would get inspired by these exercises. They would also try them at home in order to keep themselves healthy and physically well built.