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Kourtney Kardashian Found Enjoying as Whale and Learning New Things

The Kardashian Sisters have been the most controversial figures in American media for a long time now. Their personal life has been put in front of public scrutiny for a considerable period of time now. Their show, the Kardashians have been about how the sisters and the mother live their life and how they go about things on a daily basis. All three sisters have been equally active in the media and have earned millions of dollars through their paid commercials and modelling careers. While Kim has married Kanye West, the other sisters have had failed marriages. But that has not deterred them from the paparazzi who seem to know every bit of information about the activities of the Kardashian family.

Kourtney Kardashian goes for lake surfing

Kourtney Kardashian has been busy with activities for a long time now. In the Labour Day weekend, she went to a beach for the purpose of lake surfing. She went there along with her husband and her children. Later she expressed to the media and said that after the surfing experience she had understood new things. They decided to spend a weekend at the beach and then return to their Los Angeles household.

How did they play with the whales?

Kourtney and her children while surfing across the lake was seen to barge into small whales. They decided to play with the whales and a had a really fun time at the beach. In the Instagram post that she made in the first one, she could be spotted wearing a bikini and a black and white lifesaving jacket surfing along the water. She posted the same picture on Instagram and captioned it by saying that she was learning new things and was enjoying some quality time with her family members before they decided to return to Los Angeles, where their actual home is.

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What did Scott Disick post on Instagram?

Scott is the ex-husband of Kourtney. All of them went up to the coast and posted pictures on Instagram. In the picture that Scott posted he can be seen wearing a floral t-shirt and a pair of casual shorts and can be seen carrying the outfit with style. Upon clicking the picture he posted it on Instagram and other social media channels. Another Instagram post which made the rounds was the one where Kourtney can be seen wearing an orange bikini and posing on the boat or yacht in which they were travelling.