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Know Why Lauren London and Lil Wayne Broke Up

Lil Wayne and Lauren London’s relationship was one of the best kept secrets in the showbiz industry. They had managed to keep their relationship private for a considerable period of time. It was only after Lauren became pregnant in 2009, that they came to public about the relationship. Lil also accepted to be the baby’s father and took responsibility of the unborn baby. But they broke up soon after Kameron their son was born. Here is what happened as the course of events.

When did they meet?

Lil Wayne and Lauren London met for the first time in 2000. During that time Lil was just a 15 year old who was beginning his rapping career. On the other hand Lauren was working with her boy band Hot Boys. She was also aspiring to become an actress in Hollywood. It is during this time that the couple met for the first time and got engaged into a relationship.

When did Lauren become pregnant?

Soon after they went into a relationship, they broke up. The reason behind the break up was cited that Lil was under the influence of drugs and had pressurized London to have sex with him. For a span of around five years they were engaged in an on off relationship. Media members would be confused about whether they were truly in a relationship or not. In 2009, Lauren became pregnant and it was also revealed that Lil was the father. Although initially London did not want to accept responsibility for the baby, they decided to bring it up and then take the role of parents for the baby. He was named Kameron.

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What is the cause of their breakup?

Soon after Kameron’s birth, the couple split. In a television interview, Lauren said that they were not compatible with each other. She had known Lil for a long period of time and had been in a relationship with each other. However the spark in the relationship was missing which in turn was the cause of breaking up so many times in a span of five years. But they now have a much stronger bond of friendship. Both of them have taken the responsibility of mutually looking after Kameron.