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Know about the recap of good girls season 3 After the release

Story line

asically centred around three women we have Beth, Annie and Ruby .Ruby is happily married to her husband stand with two children Henry and Sarah then we have Beth who has four kids then we have Annie who has a daughter Sadie and she is a single mother these women are shown to be very good mothers and very close with their family and friends. But they are going through family struggles and health struggles at the moment they do back into a corner don’t know what to do.


Ruby is happily married with husband stean and sadly her daughter has kidney problem and she does not have the money to give her medical attention that she requires . Annie is a single mother she was a teen mom and she is trying to fight her custody with her ex for her daughter Sadie and she works at grocery store . Beth who is mother of four and has been married for such a long time with her husband Dean who she finds out having an affair and loses all of their money which is also gotten her into a corner and giving her reason to need the money . Later they decide to rob the grocery store and from here they start committing crimes and further goes on.
When we entered to the second part of the series it said to be the most boring for few and few finding it interesting as Beth killing Rio increasing in crime by three of those as well as they invite the trouble itself in few cases specially Beth which makes season 2 less interesting

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Finally when we come to season 3 which was premiered on February 16,2020 oh yes like last season they started with fake money and goes deep into crimes but them into more troubles but speciality of this season is this time they try hard to leave all the fantasy world they created and close over at each and every crime they committed lets see how deep they can go ? what complete series it came up with new turn in complete story .