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Know About Elle And Noah Couple Relationship In ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ Will Be Coming In 2020

A romantic comedy thriller directed by VINCE MARCELLO is already with its next season of THE KISSING BOOTH, produced by ANDREW COLE-BULGIN, VINCE MARCELLO, and MICHELE. Fans are holding on their excitement, and they have to because the next season will be released in MAY, 2020. Though, it’s not a much longer way to go.

The first season was released in MAY,2018, and the sequel is all ready to conquer the hearts of its viewers. According to the reports, it’s the first season in the most-watched list. Thus, making the fans to expect much more from the next season.

Plot Of The Kissing Booth 2

This romantic story is about ELLE and NOAH striving hard to manage their long-distance relationship. The first season ended up with ELLE not being sure whether their long-distance relationship will work or not as they will be 3000 miles away from each other.NOAH was seen getting close to a new college girl after ELLE had left to HARVARD.ELLE had started to doubt him, which indeed increased the complications between them and had affected their relationship.

ELLE also developed a close friendship with MARCO, who was her classmate; when ELLE had seen NOAH getting friendly with others, she was full of jealousy, so this made things quite harmful between them, and it became more difficult for them to strive to manage their relationships.

Will There Be New Characters In The Kissing Booth 2

It is possibly said that a new character can be launched who will make the things between ELLE and NOAH more diverse.JOEY, JOEL, JACOB ELORDI will be seen. TAYLOR PEROZ will be seen as MARCO(ELLE’s classmate), MAISIE RICHARDSON will be seen as SELLERS CHLOE JOEL COURTNEY as ELLE’s BFF and NOAH’s brother, MOLLY RINGWALD as LEE AND NOAH’s mother, and RACHEL might be seen as LEE’s girlfriend.

The whole season will surely be filled with romance and thrill as the previous season, and it will surely receive the same appreciation from the fans as the previous one had.

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