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Knives Out 2 Cast and Release Date Is Coming or Not

Agatha Christie thrillers are always fun to read and watch on screen. Be it Murder on the Orient Express or Then there were None, no one can really weave a tale like she does. Knives Out too were made in the same mold. With the twisting plot lines and mysteries creeping up now and then, it had all the flavors of a classic thriller. With a star-studded cast in Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis, the movie was a huge hit among the fans. Made with a budget of around $40 million, it earned more than a fortune at the box office. Critical Reception also awaited it at the Oscars and Golden Globes. Here is some news about a sequel to the movie.

Knives Out 2: Plot

In this movie, we may also see famous detective Benoit Blanc solving a case. This might feature a new mystery for him. Since we got introduced to the character of Harlan Thrombey we know how twisted a man he is. He would definitely be planning something big for Blanc. Along with that plot twist, we also saw Joni reading about Benoit’s exploits in an article. There she read how he had solved the murder of a dead tennis instructor. A clear indication that Joni might be giving Blanc a hard time in the sequel. We know from our experience that our favorite detective can go to any lengths to unravel a mystery. We might just see Benoit setting off on a different location to solve a new crime and elevate in stature.

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Knives Out 2: Release Date

The sequel for the movie is still in the early stages of its development. No appropriate date has been fixed by the Lion’s gate as of now. But as far as insider reports go we can be sure that something will come around by next year. Thus we can safely assume that a sequel will release somewhere around early 2021. No exact dates however can be ascertained at this point in time.

Knives Out 2: Cast Details

No further reports are available on who will be available for this new sequel. However, Daniel Craig expressed great joy after playing the role of Benoit Blanc in the first movie. He will be there for the sequel. Along with him, there is a high chance that Ana De Armas might return in the role of Marta Cabrera.