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Kirstie Alley Has to Say as She Slams the Diversity Standards for Academy Awards

The Academy Awards or the Oscars have been the epitome of cinema for the last part of the century. Winning an Oscar has been the ultimate objective of any filmmaker who is in love with the craft and wants to entertain the audience and the critics as well. It is the dream of any actor in whatever small or minuscule role he or she is acting in to bag an Oscar, which is considered to be the pinnacle of all the movie awards ever endowed to a particular person. Over the years some of the greatest cinematic portrayals have made their way into the annuls of the Oscar history. Many actors and actresses have immortalized themselves through their incredible performances in the movies for which they have won the Oscars in their respective categories.

The practice of Diversity Standards

New methods of selection have been incorporated into the film selection category of the Oscars. Previously the contents of the film, the script, the cinematography and the performances of the lead actors and actresses were considered to be the primary reasons for success for the movies. However many more ethical standards have been added to the already existing list in order to create a level playing field for directors and actors who come from different racial backgrounds. Firstly it has to be evaluated whether the young actors have got any apprenticeship training or not. Secondly, it is equally important to realize that the actors and the workers who are working behind the scene are fairly paid and their work is recognized after the release of the movie.

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What has Kirstie Alley said about the issue?

The actor-director famous for her performance in Look Who’s talking has been very vocal about the issue. She said that the new regulations would stifle the creativity level of the new filmmakers. They would have to make films on the basis of set criteria and they won’t be able to express what they want to through the means of cinema. Moreover, they would have to follow guidelines, something which becomes difficult in accordance with the specifics of the movie.

What more she said?

Kirstie also said that she had been a member of the Academy community for well over 40 years now. She disgracefully declined to accept this rule change and set that this would only set the precedent of good cinema to delay and get postponed. It is absolutely essential for the directors to have the freedom on how to express and explain a particular scenario.