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Kingkiller Chronicles : The Doors of Stone Release Date Leaked Details You Should Known

World of fantasy and fiction series, created by author Patrick Rothfuss is a brilliant work of literature and creativity. And his bestseller series ‘Kingkiller’ is all set to end it’s trilogy series with the release of the last part ‘The Doors of stone.’ When is the book releasing? We have all the updates regarding this. Read to know more.

Is the book ready for publishing?

‘The Doors of Stone’ is still not ready for publishing. Work is in progress as of now. Fans and readers are counting on Patrick for an early finish and early publication. Patrick Rothfuss is also working on a comic project of Rick & Morty, but his main focus is on completing the series first.

Readers are getting impatient to read the last part of the series, which initially released its first part in 2007.

Reasons for the delay in publication

In a podcast, Rothfuss promised the readers that the book would be out in stores. According to rumors, the book should have been published back in 2019. But due to some problems, it got delayed.

Also, the author wanted to seek more interesting twists and turns in the story. It’s been 9 years, and readers are yearning for it. Also, he’s been busy with the preparations of the Television adaptation of the series, which explains the delay.

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