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Kingdom Korean Series To Be Back With Season 2 Next Month

Netflix is an excellent platform for series lovers. They generally watch Netflix when they want to watch a series. Now, again it is back with a renewed show Kingdom with season 2. Zombie K-Thriller is a smash hit on Netflix recently. The Kingdom is a Korean webcomic by Kim Eun Hee. He falls under the category of the respected playwright in the Korean language. In the series, there is a cinematography cast with beautiful story design. It is the reason why people love this series.

Renewal of Kingdom Season 2

It is an official announcement by the makers that Kingdom series will be back with its season 2 very soon. It will drop on Netflix.

Release date of Kingdom Season 2

Kingdom season 2 will come on to Netflix on 13 March 2020. It is a final confirmation with the season by the makers. The news was out with the tweets by Netflix accounts in the whole world.

Production Status of Kingdom Season 2

The production of the series first begun in February 2019. And the creation got confirmed with the cast gathering for the table read. There are two stills for the upcoming season of the Kingdom.

Production Postponement

The production stopped last year for one week in March. It happened due to the tragic death of a staff member in a car accident. He was just 20 years old.

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The cast of Kingdom Season 2

The members that will reprise their roles back are:

Crown Prince Chang




Queen Cho

An Hyun


Jo Beom-Pal

Also, some members will be new to join season 3, which includes Kim Tae Hoon and Park Byung Eun. There is news that even more members will be entering this season. This includes actress Jun Ji Hyun for the finale of the season.

Theories in Kingdom Season 2

It was a big twist in Season 1 to reveal the weakness of Zombie. Many believe cold air helps the Zombie to survive. But now they will show zombies will not be active for 24 hours in a day. It is because, in a day, the temperature might increase, and it will cause zombie death. Some more myths related to season 2, which you must be seeing with the coming season very soon.