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Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer Chapter 203: Tap to Check the Spoilers and Plot, Grabs the Hearts of the Public

“Demon Slayer” also known as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is one of the most famous running anime franchise and with that the manga is going all out there as the fans are unable to wait up for the upcoming anime seasons.

What’s Going On??

So, Chapter 203 of the manga series is going to be out pretty soon. So, let’s take a good look at the chapter and try to decode it for ourselves what could happen next in the anime.

The previous chapter of the series was released on 12th April but looks like there could be a slight delay for the release of the manga chapter and could come on April 26, 2020. So, let’s see when we are going to witness the chapter.

Well, In chapter 202 we were able to see for ourselves that Tanjiro became a demon which was a pretty shocking moment for all of us but the fact is that we were also able to captivate the death of Muzan which was also a big deal for the whole story.

In,  all in all, It was a chapter with mixed emotions and the raw stories were also kind of wearing out the emotions of those who were watching the series.

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Spoiler Alert!!

So, In the upcoming chapter 203, the main point of us looking at the whole thing would be to make sure that Tanjiro’s demon form should remain where they are. Muzan cells were not really that easy to defeat. So, it will be a question which will remain in doubt.

Or we can have Nezuro bringing back the whole thing within Tanjiro to be back in a normal phase that could be possible as this is anime and we have got hints which could suggest the whole theory to be correct.

And now the death part, It seems that Tanjiro could be dead too due to the fact that the whole demon thing could possess him completely or Kanao could also die. So, It will be a big thing for us to make sure that everything goes well.

So, Let’s Wait for the Next Chapter.