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“Kim Kardashain Net Worth in 2020” All You Need to Know

The american media personality,model and actress is touching skies!She being a reputed businesswoman and an inspiring personality is taking all the attention.And that is quite obvious because she has all equipped with hidden talents.Born on October 21 in 1980 in Los Angeles, this media girl had gained much reputation.

She became more famous for her role in Keeping Up with The Kardashians”, for which she received much appreciation.She was engaged to Kanye West in the year 2013 in California and had four children.At present, she is preparing for her law exams.

Kim Kardashain Net Worth

In today’s generation, she has both fame and money.Born with a silver spoon , Kim Kardashian is the second wealthiest of her family and her estimated net worth is approximately 350 million dollars, which is huge and she roughly earns 50  million dollars every year.The mobile game-Kim Kadershian:Hollywood contributes to 40 percent of her annual income  and it has been downloaded 45 million times, which is  a great response.Her earnings from TV and other special appearances contributes to the rest part of her income.

Kim Kardashain Feature Productions

Her feature productions include Disaster movies,dancing with the stars, beyond the break,deep in the valley which made her famous.In the year 2010, she released her debut song, which indeed contributed to her fame.

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In her interview, she was depicted to be positive and she quoted-“At the end of the day, life is all about  being happy being the way you are, and i feel like we are so blessed to  have the support system and the best family to support no matter what we going through”. This positive thoughts are the reason behind her success.

Kim Kardashain Works

It is truly said, with power comes great responsibilities.She had been doing her best in her past career and some of her works include-

Launch of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

America’s next top model-Guest judge.

How I met your mother-Guest appearance.

Release of autobiography-“Kardashian Konfidential”.