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Kim Jong-Un: What Made Him Disappear From Media Coverage?

While the world has been busy dealing with Coronavirus, another news has been doing the rounds. North Korea has been a significant power in the World Economy. It’s diplomatic policies and its ability to keep information private is a mystery to the entire world. It has been in official conflict with USA for quite some time now. With growing differences between Trump and Kim, the supreme leader, controversies arise as well.

The latest in line was about the death of Kim Jong Un. South Korean news channels and other newspapers said that Kim died from a coronary attack on 15th April.

What Led to the Controversy?

Since April 15, Kim Jong Un has been completely absent from the eyes of the press. He has not been seen in any public gathering. Nor there is any information about the health and well being of the supreme leader. It was heard in reports that he had undergone a chest surgery recently and was recuperating from it.

However after the news of the surgery no further updates were released to the press about this pre condition. Till recently, a South Korean news network saw the train parked at his residence through satellite imagery. Kim had built himself a train for transporting from one place to another. Till April 21, the train was not visible in the vicinity. However after 23rd April the train was omnipresent near his private residence.

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Are the Rumors About His Death True?

His worsening health conditions were known to a large number of people. But the fact that he is dead is denied by most of the media in the international news channels. They said that in the recent past, Kim has regularly been in such hiatus. He underwent a knee surgery after which he was completely absent for about 6 weeks. He was afterwards seen walking with a cane. American News reporter, with anonymity has said that America is completely denying the report of his death. These are only internet rumors which would die out after an official release from the North Korean Government is released after Kim’s recovery process.

What Might Happen If Kim Dies?

Well in North Korea leadership is granted on hierarchical basis. It has been in place for three generations now. Kim however is a god like figure to millions in the country and his death would definitely have long term implications. One of the most popular faces in World politics, the warhead country may enter a turmoil once he is no longer there. But his sister is a strong candidate to run for the post of Supreme Leader after his demise.