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Katy Perry Welcomes First Born With Husband Orlando Bloom

Katey Perry has announced that she is pregnant and expecting the first newborn. Recently she reveals the gender of her child to be born. Katy and her fiancé

Orlando is very excited by sharing the news with the fans. Katy, the thirty-five years old singer, has shared an Instagram post by revealing the gender of the expected child. By sharing her fiancé picture, she mentioned ‘its girl’ in the caption.

Just after one month of her pregnancy news announcement, the couple is very excited to share the gender of their expected kid with their fans. In summer, she shocked her fans by posting a music video for her fans ‘never worn white’ with her baby bump by revealing the news that she is pregnant.

In Instagram Livestream, the couple said they are very happy and excited, and it’s very tough for them to keep this secret to them, so they are sharing this happiness with their fans. As Katy is becoming the first time, Mom and Orlando are becoming second time Father after nine years. He becomes a father with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, who has nine-year son Flynn. After getting engaged with Katy in 2019, He is expecting a second child as a baby girl with Katy.

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The forty-three-year-old Lord of the Ring actor Orlando shared his tribute to his fiancé Katy the thirty-five-year-old actor is celebrating the big happiness of pregnancy. In the post, she shared a picture of her in a tight fit dress displaying baby bump and mentioned the caption ‘my babies blooming ‘with a heart emoji in the post.

She has also revealed the beautiful romantic relationship with her fiancé Bloom is perfect, and he always inspires her encourages her in career and in everything. Even she said that she is very proud to be in a relationship with him because every day, she is evolving and growing as the new and best version of herself. This is actually the positive sign of her good and strong connection with Orlando Bloom.