Katy Perry Shares Cute and Adorable Portrait of Her Little Daisy

Katy Perry is a very famous American pop singer .Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson .

Who is Daisy? 

Katy and Orlando bloom has been blessed with a baby girl and she is named as daisy dove bloom recently .Daisy is a symbol of innocence and dove signifies peace and love .She was born on 26 August .Katy shared this exciting news with all her friends ,family and fans.

A Cute and Adorable Child: Daisy

Daisy is going to very popular among her aunties and uncles .She is such a cute and adorable girl and obviously favourite of her mother .Even the couple was expecting a baby girl and surprisingly it’s a baby girl .Katy has released a song ‘Daisies’ that indicates that she wanted to give her daughter that name i.e daisy .

Daisy is the first and cutest child of Katy and second child of Orlando .Orlando is already a father of a son whose name is “Flynn Bloom” from his first wife ,the supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Daisy’s birth was confirmed by Orlando’s post on Instagram with a snap of his daughter’s hand in black and white filter.Unicef handle has formally announced the baby’s arrival with a post. Katy has shared some of the cute and adorable gifts which were sent to her by her friends. 

A bouquet of white flowers with an attached card ,on which it was written like this :congratulations on the new addition to your family !Beyonce .But this was not the end of gifts for sure .

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Katy was very much attached to her grandmother ,and when her granny dies at the age of 99 ,she said that it’s not just a coincidence that one soul is leaving the earth while the other is ready to arrive .According to her,whatever she is today just because of her grandmother ,so she wanted to name her child after her granny’s name .

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