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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Still Together ? After Being Pregnant

Singer Katy Perry came forward and said that she will never forget being pregnant in the time of this global pandemic and expressed her concern about her delivery. She and her fiance Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child. The singer accepted that she is facing tough challenges during the lockdown. But the pregnancy is not the only matter of concern for her, her relationships with her fiance Orlando Bloom is also having many ups and downs.

According to news Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s are facing problem in their relationship. The singer revealed her pregnancy news to the fan in March but since this announcement, her relationship with Orlando Bloom has been rocky. Their relationship started with flirtation in 2016 and then with several ups and down made their way to the proposal then pregnancy in March. While the stress of pregnancy is affecting the couple but the couple still remain strong and positive and both are excited about the pregnancy.

Singer Katy Perry has announced their child gender on Instagram. According to reports Katy is currently going through tons of emotion. Orlando is trying to be as strong as he can relate to her pregnant fiance but he is still pretty much stressed and feeling the pressure of the situation. He feels like he needs to be with Katy Perry at every step during this time. The responsibility of being a future husband and father is making him feel like he should be the protector.

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Katy is nervous about being a first-time parent and Orlando Bloom is stressing about having a baby at this time. The singer had come up with the problems in their relationship before also. When she appeared on a radio show and said that she has picked up partner consciously or unconsciously and trying to change herself according to her relationship. She told that their relationship has lots of friction and sometimes this friction leads to some fights between the couple.