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Katie Perry Due Date? Whats Orlando Bloom Has to Say

Child birth is always an event of great joy and merriment. The fact of bringing a thing to life is perhaps the greatest moment in the lives of innumerable parents. However, Hollywood personalities have taken to the practice of sex determination. Sometimes as faith proposes, the after-effects of these tests have not been fruitful enough. Parents have come across devastating consequences after conducting these examinations. However, no such negativity was in store for both Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.
The couple announced that they are going to have their first baby sometime this summer. Fans of Perry and Bloom were elated after hearing this news. Congratulatory messages started flooding in from all corners of the world.

When did Katy Perry announce her pregnancy?

Katy was recording her song Never Worn White on Instagram live. During the recording of this video, she turned around and exclaimed that she was going to have a baby this summer. The bump on her belly suggested so. She also said that after carrying this baggage of news around, she was elated to announce so in front of everyone. Her undying love for her husband was also visible in the lines of the song which was really well appreciated. A sex determination test of their baby is complete. Perry revealed that they are going to have a little baby girl. Later in an Instagram post by Katy confirmed the news. There Orlando Bloom was smeared in cake and the joy in his expressions was completely visible. Perry captioned the post saying that she was extremely happy and proud about her two most cherished possessions.

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What Orlando Bloom said to the media?

Orlando Bloom in recent interviews expressed that he was elated to hear about Katy’s pregnancy. It was his first child with her. He also had a boy with his ex wife Miranda Kerr. Bloom mentioned in the interview that living with Katy was like a mountain to climb. Their relationship had survived through a lot of ups and downs in recent times. Sticking right through this period has been the highlight of their relationship. Further he also said that the birth of a child will further solidify their marriage as well.

What precautions are Katy and Orlando taking?

Due to the current situation of Coronavirus Pandemic, events are very risky for pregnant woman. They are being advised to restrict themselves at home. Orlando and Perry are following the necessary health guidelines in order to have a proper measure. Healthy habits and regular physical exercise have become of paramount importance in their routine. This is essential for the health and safety of the baby.