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Katie Miller Ethnicity Tested Positive for Coronavirus

The entire world is talking about nothing but Coronavirus. You open the newspapers or the tabloids and there is only one news. It is about the widespread destruction that the virus is causing. Due to its global spread almost 30 lakh people have been affected. Number of deaths reported almost amount to 3lakh with USA being the most affected state.

In order to contain the spread, all countries have opted for a world wide lockdown of activities. This has had major economic implications with the world staring towards economic depression. There is more bad news in America that the virus has at last entered the White House.

When Did Katie Miller Test Positive for the Coronavirus?

The staff secretary to US Vice President Mike Pence, Katie Miller has tested positive for the Coronavirus. This 25 year old lady holds a very important position in the US Secretariat. A preliminary test was conducted on Thursday where she tested negative. But a test on Friday concluded that she was positive for Coronavirus. Her husband Stephen Miller is one of the primary senior advisors of Donald Trump. After she has been admitted to hospital, all the people she came in contact with have also been tested. She had come in contact with Mike Pence during this tenure. But she did not meet the President during this time. Ministry officials with whom she had come in close contact where supposed to board a flight to Air Force 2. Flight services were suspended and the officials were taken for testing.

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What Did Donald Trump Say About the Issue?

President Trump said that he believed that the testing techniques were a bit dubious. This he felt because on Thursday’s test Katie had tested negative for the virus. But just after one day she tested positive. He also assured that there is no Coronavirus threat for someone in the White House and that the situation is under control. However he asserted that strict measures would be taken to test the required people and keep them under home Quarantine.

What Precautionary Measures Will Be Taken?

The White House premises will be disinfected properly with the required chemicals. Daily temperature checks of the people will be conducted for those who will enter the White House. Several social distancing norms would also be followed. People who will come in contact with the President and the Vice President will be tested for the virus regularly.