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Katie Holmes Relationship Status; Rumors About Her Dating Life

Hollywood is such a volatile and unpredictable a world with relationships being established, mending and breaking at a moments notice. That perhaps has become an accepted norm in the showbiz or glamour business. In this world, celebrities prioritise their work more than anything else. For them moving forward and achieving their goals in life is of primary importance. Katie Holmes is a top draw Hollywood who has previously featured in Blockbuster Hollywood movies like Batman Begins. In the movie, she appeared as the titular character of Rachel, Batman’s love interest. Holmes on many occasions a has been referred to as the most beautiful woman in the world. However, there has been constant conjectures about her private life.

Katie Holmes is single

For now, the news that is circulating is nothing but rumors. It is confirmed from valid sources that Katie Holmes at present is dating no one. She has been heard by many saying that she is enjoying the perks of a single life. Katie is getting to spend and invest more time on herself. She is also liking the opportunity to socialize with more people on a daily basis. At this point in time, she is enjoying the kind of life she is leading and is happy and satisfied with it at this point in time. Holmes is looking to upgrade her skills in the meanwhile and is looking for opportunities in movies so that she can revive her once-glorious career.

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Focused on her Daughter

Katie has the custody of the daughter she had with Tom Cruise called Suri. After the couple split in 2012, Holmes had demanded that she kept the custody of the child. Holmes has said that the only focus at this point of time in her life is complete devotion to her daughter. She wants to raise her daughter well and wants to spend as much time as she can with her. Her only focus in life is to ensure that her daughter grows up to become a young prosperous lady like herself.

Previous Relationship Status

Previously Katie had married Tom Cruise in 2005 after dating for several years. In 2006, they had this daughter whom they named Suri. Unfortunately, due to differences in opinion, the couple had to split and apply for a divorce in 2012. Since then she had been in a relationship with Jamie Foxx. They had been dating and seen together until 2019 when the couple decided to call it a quit after six years.