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Kanye West Is Happy for Kim Kardashian as Become Billionaire

Kim Kardashian has undoubtedly been one of the most controversial figures in American culture for the past decade. Her modeling career has flourished with aplomb and she has emerged as a premier businesswoman. After marrying Rapper Kanye West, this couple truly is a global powerhouse in Hollywood today. Recently, Kim achieved the milestone of joining the $1 billion club of which his husband is already a member. Here are some details on how she became one of the richest woman entrepreneurs on the planet.

Kim Kardashian: Becoming Billionaire

Recently Kanye West tweeted a picture of Kim and a still life comprised of veggies. The still life was about fresh produce and orange colors. In the caption to the tweet, he congratulated his wife on becoming a billionaire. He said that she has weathered the storm of controversies and negativity surrounding her. Her perseverance had paid off as the light was truly shining on her and their family. Thus it was still living and he had then posted a picture of the still life. The tweet garnered a lot of attention and retweets from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fans.

Kim Kardashian: How She Became a Billionaire?

Kim had her own brand of cosmetics tilted KKW cosmetics. It was already a multi-million dollar company with so many branches and outlets spread all across the world. The premium company Coty acquired a 20% stake in the KKW company and thus she became a billionaire being the chairman and the founding head of the shareholders of the company.

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Kim Kardashian: How Did They Celebrate Their Daughter’s Seventh Birthday?

Recently Kanye and Kim had celebrated the seventh birthday of their eldest daughter North. During the celebration, they went to their own farmhouse. Among the festivities included a private ranch party with cowboy hat themed cake. Along with that, there was the image of the Frasnian stallion which belonged to North and the go-kart race which took place in their private go-kart rally. Later Kim tweeted a congratulatory picture of her daughter and wished her happy birthday. The post also contained some pictures which give proof of the kind of festivities and merriments that took place on the occasion of the birthday.