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Justin Bieber to Speak About Eilish In An Interview

Who does not love Justin Bieber for his great personality and works? This personality has remained in fame for many years. Also, he has been in the news because of his relations with Selena. Today Justin is back into the story as he talks about Billie Eilish Bond Song.

What does Justin Bieber say about Billie Eilish?

Billy Eilish is the faithful superstar. According to the news by critics, Justin Bieber and James Bond say that Billy will not fall for the position of fame. Also, Billie will not lose raised esteem. In the new interview, Bieber said that he would help Billy Eilish for anything. He says that she needs to make one phone call for that.

Illish has also shared one clip of her interview. She is saying something about the changes in the broadcast. Bieber added a few words are saying that he just wanted to protect Billie Eilish. He does want to have everything and do not lose. Bieber does not want him to go through something. So he is saying that if Billie needs me, then I am available every time for him.

Fans wonder for Bieber and Billie

Fans do not understand if Billie and Bieber are both friends or not. However, they also think of how they can collaborate because both of them have different music. Yet, according to the critics, Bieber and Billie had first met in Coachella. And with this, they both together blocked Ariana Grande. Bieber, at that time, appeared for the remix of “Bad Guy” by Ibish. At that time, Eilish has declared that he is a big fan of Justin Bieber.

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Billboard shared the thoughts and talks between the two. Billie declared that he and Justin are doing good with each other with many things. They were both talking about their friendship with each other. Billie told the things went crazy because Justin gave him s screenshot. It was a message screenshot. Billie shared his message saying that he was saying Hi to Justin and asking him about his current situation. He was then in search of a response message from Justin.