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Justin Bieber Sexual Assault Allegations Denies by Himself

Justin Bieber has undoubtedly become one of the most recognizable faces on Planet Earth. Majority of his songs have topped the Billboards list for the biggest hits of the year. He has earned millions of dollars through his concerts and TV show appearances. But with fame comes the ugly side of it as well. Recently there has been news on Twitter that Justin Bieber was involved in sexual assault. The tweets have been made from anonymous accounts. Following are some details about the entire issue.

Justin Bieber Alleged on Sexual Assault Charges

Recently a tweet has been made which says that in 2014 an incident took place. It was during one of Justin’s concert. After the concert was over, Justin had invited the alleger and one of his friends to come over. He was staying in the Four Seasons Hotel at that point in time. This anonymous Twitter user named Danielle said that Bieber asked her to come to his room. After she went to his private suite, Justin allegedly assaulted her sexually. For such a long time, she had endured the trauma of the incident. But now after several group therapy sessions, she had decided to open up about the issue and make it public on Twitter.

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Justin Bieber Denies the Allegation

Justin has taken derogatory action against the Twitter user. The tweet has been removed instantly. Bieber said that it was a false claim. He had stayed in a different hotel at that point with his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez and some of his friends. For verification purposes, Justin also uploaded the screenshots of the hotel bills and receipts. He also said in a tweet that he had used his alias name during the stay and that he would not be using it any more. Justin said that it was a strong claim made against him and that he needed to respond to it. He has decided to talk with the Twitter Authorities and take the necessary legal procedural actions.

Another Charge of Sexual Assault in 2015

Meanwhile, another charge of sexual assault in 2015 has floated up against Justin. This concerns 2015 and the tweet was made by a Twitter user named Kadi. Although the tweet has been removed the user profile is still active. Bieber against has denied the allegations as completely false statements.