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Justin Bieber Net Worth 2020 All You Need to Know

Justin Bieber is a very popular singer. He was very young when he began to gain followers and success. He is a multi-millionaire at the age of 24. Justin Bieber’s net worth has increased tremendously over-time. It is estimated to be $285 million in 2020.

Justin Bieber Early Life

Born in London, Ontario, Justin grew up with two siblings. At a very young age, he began to play drums, guitar, and more. Besides that, it was clear at that time, Justin wanted to have a career in the vast and competitive field of music. He used to sing covers of different songs. These were published on YouTube after his mother would go on to record them.

Justin Bieber Career

After these covers were posted on YouTube, Justin Bieber began to gain traction. Scooter Braun found him and Justin was brought to Atlanta to work with Scooter. It was not long at all before Justin had a chance to work with Usher.

Soon, Justin started to work with Island Records and released his first-ever hit single with the. Besides this, Justin broke several records and his album received the triple plat certification.

Justin has worked with many different singers and gained a high number of followers. Everyone knows Justin Bieber.

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Justin Bieber Personal Life

Justin was in a relationship with Selena Gomez back in 2010. However, it was a relationship that was not meant to be. The couple gained a lot of publicity and even more after they broke up. Justin is now married to Hailey Baldwin. They began their relationship in 2015. However, they broke up but in 2018, they got back together again. They married each other on 30th September 2019.

Sure, he has gained a lot of money through his singing. However, he has also been a part of many different partnerships with big companies. For example, Walmart, Adidas, Proactive, Calvin Klein, and more.

Justin earns nearly $80 million every year. Justin Bieber’s net worth used to be $500 thousand back in 2010. However, it increased very quickly throughout the years. It has been a decade now and he is estimated to be worth $285 million. In 2010, his net worth started to increase after his success with ‘Baby’.

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