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Justice League : Ezra Miller’s The flash !

Ezra Miller will be playing The flash in new Flash movie and that is confirmed.

This movie will be directed by Helmer Andy Mushcietti who directed It Chapter two. Writer of Birds of Prey , Christina Godson has written the screenplay for the movie.
Flashpoint storyline might be involved int he new movie as suggested by Mushcietti.

The flash film will be in theatres on July 1st, 2022.

Zack Synder has been posting on his social media platforms little glimpses of his original vision for DC comics movie since the Justice League has been released. He recently posted a new photo from his cut of Justice league.

In the picture posted by Zack , the flash is seen in action to save the scientists from falling debris. Ezra Miller as flash is moving super fast that he is seen in two places at same time.

Ezra Miller recently listed The flash movie and the Fantastic beast 3 as his confirmed two upcoming projects. Fans have always been waiting for Barry Allen to show up in his solo film. He did some cameos in Superman vs Batman and suicide squad . His role in Justice league was quite satisfying.

But now , Barry Allen aka The Flash played by Ezra Miller is coming on the big screen in The Flash Movie on 1st July 2022.

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