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Justice League Actor Ezra Miller Almost Choked a Fan and Throws Her to Floor

Ezra Miller who will be seen in the DC film The Flash in the lead role of Barry Alan was trending on Twitter this Sunday after his video of abusing a female fan went viral. The video which has been filmed by the fan friend showed a man who looks like the 27-year-old actor is approached by a female fan after she spotted him in the store and seemed to play fight with him in the store.

Seeing the fan the man in the video said “Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” then he grabbed the female fan by her neck and pushes her back into a truck parked aside and then threw her into the ground.

While being chocked the female fan was seen smiling and thus it could be assumed that all that happened was just a fun activity. Though one thing that made the act look threatening was the reaction of the man who was filming the video who look concerned with the act and was seen saying “Woah, bro. Bro” and ended the video abruptly. Its is not yet confirmed that the man in the video was Miller or the video is fake.

The video is suspected to be of Reykjavik, Iceland and Miller lived in his home in Brooklyn, New York where he used to have his home and also owns a farm in Vermont. For many of his followers, it is hard to believe that the man in the video is Miller as he is a sensitive actor and could not be involved in such an act. While many are disappointed with his act if the video is true.

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