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Justice League 2 Cancelled or Coming ? Who Will the Villan Everything We Know so Far

Justice League was a movie released in 2017 which was based on the DC comic of the same name. The movie was a follow up of the movies Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman and was released to compete with movie Avengers. The movie was a huge success, earning a total of $657.9 million. It was announced that Justice League Part 2 would follow on June 14, 2019, but one year has passed by and the film is still not released.

Justice League 2 Release Date:

The movie was scheduled to be released in June 2019 but could not be released due to certain problems. But now the fans have a reason to cheer the movie is expected to be released in April 2021. There is no trailer yet for the upcoming movie but can be expected soon.

Why was Justice League delayed:

Aquaman which followed Justice League became the highest-grossing DC movie ever released. From here DC started to focus on the movie particularly based on the individual character of the movies. So it didn’t follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s linked up storyline but it focused on the story of different superheroes individually. This probably led to the delay of part 2 of the Justice League.

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Justice League 2 Cast:

1. Henry Cavill as Superman
2. Ben Affleck as Batman
3. Gal Gadot as Wonder-Woman
4. Jason Mamoa as Aquaman
5. Ray Fisher as Cyborg
6. Ezra Miller as Flash

These are the characters who are expected to make a comeback. Though there is no official announcement about the cast.

Justice League 2 Plot:

The first part ended up with all the superheroes coming together to defeat Steppenwolf and ended to their normal life in the end. Batman’s director Matt Reeves commented that “There are ways in which all of this connects to DC, to the DC universe as well,” further he said, “We’re one piece of many pieces so I don’t want to comment on that except to say that I’m focused very specifically on this aspect of the DC world.” There also some rumours of a total reboot of the new part and a whole new line up of the characters can be expected.