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JU-ON: Origins Season 1 Cast and Release All You Need to Know About the Show

Anime series has truly been a revelation for the showbiz business. Foreign language films too have made their fair share of profits at the box office. With Parasite winning the best foreign language motion picture award in the Oscars, it cemented the claim for many more brilliant movies to come in the future. JU-ON Origins has been adapted from an award-winning script of a movie first released in 2000. Minds behind the movie have now decided to re-release it on Netflix. Here are some important details you need to know before venturing into Netflix

JU-ON Origins: Plot

JU-ON Origins is based on the story of a famed actress. Tired due to the rigorous exercise of going through the life of a professional, she desires a retreat. In her effort, she finds a house miles away from the heart of Tokyo. While residing in the house, one night she hears mysterious footsteps all along the floor of the house. She then comes across a psychic researcher who has come to investigate the house. They both team up and encounter the strange events related to the house.

The actress gets to know that the house has been haunted by evil spirits since time immemorial. Many people have suffered unfortunate deaths in the house. Their spirits still roam around in search of vengeful retribution. In the original movies, the Poltergeist activities were very well documented and shown. In the series too, we will expect that the same amount of effort and dedication is devoted.

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JU-ON Origins: Release Date

Netflix has officially confirmed that the movie will release on July 3rd, 2020. Initially, there was some amount of conjecture regarding the release of the movie. Since the situation is so volatile with the Pandemic still raging on a global scale. However, the directors clarified all doubts when they announced that the movie will be released on the stipulated date. There will be no further delay in the release of the film.

JU-ON Origins: Cast Details

The casting list will comprise of actors like Kana Kurashima, Yoshiyoshi Arakawa and Yuoina Kurashima. These aforementioned actors would be playing the leading roles in the movie. Other eminent actors would also be present to play supporting aids to them.

Horror is one genre that has brought about all movie buffs together in praise and appreciation. JU-ON is expected to be on the similar lines with those out of the box chill moments.