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Joyce Hawkins Posted Dancing Video of Chris Brown Daughter Which Is Too Adorable and Talented

Sometimes talent truly passes on through the DNA. Its quite incredible how the sons and daughters of celebrities and professional sportsmen do possess many qualities that their parents have. For instance Royalty Brown, six year old daughter of dancer Chris Brown is completely following her father’s footsteps into the dancing superstardom. She has become an internet sensation recently courtesy her grandmother’s recent post on Instagram.

What did Joyce Hawkins post?

Recently Joyce Hawkins was involved in a commercial photoshoot with a brand named Infamous Swim. In the promotional video she is seen along with her granddaughter Royalty. Both of them are wearing a matching black one piece bikini and are posing near the poolside. They are also seen wearing the same shade of glasses in order to prevent the sun rays. The photo has attracted a lot of comments on social media. In the post she has also spoken about Aeko, her other grandson and how she spends most of her time with her family even though they live far away. Her profiles only contain pictures of her grandkids and the special moments she spends with them.

What video did she post?

Recently Hawkins posted a video on Instagram. In the video Royalty Brown can be seen dancing with her mother, Nia Guzman, the wife of Chris Brown. They are wearing a grey sweater and a matching sweatpants. The moves and grooves that Royalty show are unparalleled and are completely similar to that of her father’s. The video is extremely cute and has attracted a lot of comments on social media. In another video, Royalty is seen shaking her hips to the camera in the rain. That video too is equally cute and many have commented on the post. Most of the comments deal with how similar the girl is to her father and that she would definitely one day become a star like her father Chris Brown.

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Reactions have flooded in from all the corners. So many fans have commented that she looks like an exact replica of her father. That she has adopted the famous dance moves of her father are clearly visible. She is sure to achieve greatness in future through her performances. She is being trained by Brown and her mother as well, who is an extremely good dancer.