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Josh McKee Responds To Mackenzie’ Over the Cheating Accusations on Him

Celebrity couples alleging each other are nothing new. We have seen a lot of such fights previously. Recently another such fight broke out the amount the Teen Mom star Josh McKee and Mackenzie on social media.

Mackenzie accusing Josh on Facebook

Mackenzie Mackie posted on her Facebook with an emotional video telling accusing Josh with infidelity. She told that Josh had been unfaithful in the past. 

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But now the Teen Mom star has finally appeared with an Instagram post to oppose Mackenzie. He posted a quote on Insta which read, “Better worry about your own sins, cause God ain’t gonna ask you about mine.” 

He further added a comment on the Instagram post accusing his wife. He commented with a long para and put a winkie face emoji at the end. He commented, “People, I’ve been through the ringer being on that damn show, this is nothing new to me. I get it you’re all pissed at the fact of what you read on the internet or see on TV. ‘Ok?’ But if you’re going to come at me with what little you really know, know your damn facts! And know that this isn’t a one-sided ball game.” He seems confident with his comment with the emoji at the end for sure.

Affair with Mackenzie’s cousin

The video which Mackenzie put up on Facebook, showed her complaining about how he had cheated her and caused a great deal of pain to her. He reportedly had been dating Mackenzie’s cousin which has the only helped to fuel the fire further with her and made her family torn apart.

The affair of the two was unknown to Mackenzie and was unknown to her until her mom’s death. After she acknowledged the relationship between Josh and her cousin she was heavily devastated with the pain of her mom’s passing and now this. This surely hit her a hundred times greater than anything. 

She now has opened his eyes which were blinded before by a man who successfully fooled their family into believing a lie. When she discovered him having an affair with another woman she was shattered upon finding out that the other woman is none other than her cousin.

Now they are surely going to break off the relationship given the fact that both are pissed with each other and they have openly shown it in the social media among their fans. 

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