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JoJo Siwa Say That Abby Lee Miller Is a Very Good Person and How Is Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa has been on Dance Moms for quite a long time and almost every person who ever watched the show will for certain be able to recognize her as her bright clothes, glitter and energetic pep talks is something which she is known for.

She was also a dancer on the series and was able to introduce herself by being the top 5 finalists on Season 2 of “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” back in 2013.

Jojo has been able to join the main cast of the series for it’s 6th and 7th seasons and even though she has been able to notice Abby for quite a long time while she was always talking to the other moms and especially to Jessalyn whose daughter is under her learning and her rash behavior and the way she really talks to others is really abusive.

Why Siwa Is Helping Abby??

Siwa was very supportive of her as she said: “I believe Abby is a good person and the fact the way she talks is somewhat very rough and very abusive but I believe that the reason for her behavior that in the past, she has been able to get hurt by a lot of people”.

The Reason Why Everyone Is Upset About Abby

But, Maddie and Mckenzie Ziggler who has been able to appear on the show and has been able to dance for quite a long time has said regarding Abby that ” We are not really in touch with her and even though we always will wish her the best but talking to her is a lost cause”.

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Abby Miller has her fair share of faults too as she has been able to piss a lot of fans over the years as her behavior towards all those young dancers is something which abusive and the fact that her treatment of others is somewhat bad and even after every fault of her, Siwa has still able to say that she is a good person.