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JoJo Siwa Dyes Her Hair and Changed All Her Look Now

Jojo Siwa is a global pop culture icon of today. Since her early days on Nickelodeon, it was quite obvious that this young girl was destined for fame. Thus after she had appeared on the sitcoms, she made her way gradually through YouTube and other forms of Social Media. She now has a huge number of followers on Instagram and Facebook, with people trying to recreate her looks and her fashion statements. Recently however Jojo underwent a slight change as she has dyed her hair. The following are details about the process.

Jojo Siwa: Dying her hair

We were all familiar with JoJo’s familiar blonde hair. Her hair was a thing of envy for teenagers all around the globe. Recently in a video posted on Tiktok, she made the reveal. Siwa was dancing to the tune of a Miley Cyrus song Can’t be Tamed. At the end of the video, she revealed her ponytail which showed that she had changed her hair color from blonde to brown. Her usual wavy hair was also not there, with a new fashion statement appearing for her. The Tiktok video made the rounds and was watched and rewatched by millions of her followers on social media.

Jojo Siwa: Reaction to the change

JoJo’s change in hairstyle though has been very well greeted and accepted by fellow mates and fans alike. A YouTube influencer friend of hers appreciated her on her new style and said that she looked even better to her. Another Nickelodeon mate of hers wrote on the comment section that now they both looked like sisters. Fans too have given a positive reaction to her change in style as they have greeted her very well with this new look.

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JOJO Siwa: Experimenting With Her Fashion Sense

It has been for a considerable time now that Jojo has been experimenting with her fashion statements. Recently on Tiktok, she completed a dare. She wrote that she would wear the dress which would appear on the first comment to get to 19 million followers. Although this effort of hers took some more time, we could see her leaving her rainbow-themed dress. She was wearing a normal black outfit. In an interview, she said that she did not want to be related to as a child anymore.