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Johnson “The Rock,” says Black Adam will shoot in 2020

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson will soon be moving into the role of Black Adam for the upcoming movie for the DC Universe. The artist has confirmed that the drama Black Adam will get start filming in July 2020. Black Adam had made his comic book debut in 1945, and now he will make his first live-action appearance in the next years.  The plan is to film Black Adam at the end of 2020. 

Shazam was a hit when it bowed in April and has grossed around $362.7 million worldwide. The sequel of Shazam is already in work. It is nearly two years that the announcement of Black Adam gets made, and the busy schedule of Johnson has made it difficult to fit it. However, he is incredibly optimistic about the shooting schedule of Black Adam because of his solo film. Even in the Instagram post, Johnson has revealed that the current plan of Black Adam will begin its production in about a year. So get ready, because Black Adam is going to hit theaters in the starting years of 2022. 

Black Adam movie plans to start filming in this year

Black Adam is Shazam, and at first, it was believed to be the main villain in the film. After that, in 2017, it revealed that this is not true. Black Adam would get a solo movie before facing off against Shazam. Many fans are waiting to see Johnson as Black Adam. In 2014, Dwayne Johnson confirmed that he is going to play Black Adam. It is because DC is planning to introduce Shazam first. 

Dwayne Johnson’s optimism around the filming of Black Adam is well-placed; still, some steps need to get appropriately rolled before cameras. The overall interest of the audience with the movie Black Adam is already high. It is all due to the attachment of a star like Dwayne Johnson. And it can be due to a hit of Shazam. It has made fans to expect Black Adam face-off with the sequel of Shazam. The producer of Black Adam, Hiram Garcia, has confirmed that the movie will go before cameras at the end of this year.

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