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Johnny Drop Reveal Amber Heard Cut His Finger Check Here Is the Full Details

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s legal battle is turning ugly day by day as new information is being leaked about their problems. Following from Heard hiring some private investigator, to her leaked audio tapes verbally abusing at her former husband, things are pretty ugly now. And a new information is circulating all around the internet.

A video footage has emerged where Johnny Depp is seen talking about how Amber has severely injured his finger. The video is supposed to be back from 2015.

Amber Threw Several Vodka Bottles at Johnny

Apparently, Johnny arrived late at her ex – wife’s birthday party, for which Amber threw a vodka bottle aiming at him. Johnny described that his finger bled like ‘Mt.Vesuvius’, just like how a volcano erupts. A lot of support is coming in the court of Depp as many more evidences come in light about their abusive relationship. #JustficeforJohnnyDepp is doing rounds on social media with Johnny Depp severed finger photos plus some swelling on his face.

The Timeline of Their Relationship

The couple had been in a relationship since 2014, got married in 2015. Then they both got separated in 2016. Both of them filed for a divorce and was finalized in 2017. The things rapidly started taking an ugly turn, where Amber wrote an editorial, taking about the abuse she went through in a relationship, without mentioning the name of the partner. Johnny knew that she was talking about him, and clapped back at her filing a lawsuit against her. And things have become quite dirty with all these leaked news and documents regarding their ugly spat over the past few months. Two sides have already formed and both are being highly vocal about it.

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Losses Both of Them Had to Face

Well, in all this chaotic situation, Johnny had to let go to so many roles due to his named being attached to the controversy, one being a role in Fantastic Beasts. And on the other side, many brand deals are ending their association with Heard, one being a beauty brand. Also Warner Bros are definitely not taking her as Mera in Aquaman sequel part. Mind you the monetary losses, their time and the reputation as a public figure.

Well, we don’t know who’s the victim and the guilty in this situation, but surely it can be said that no has the authority to hurt their partner in a loving relationship. Just that one step towards abuse by any of them is the sign of dead end, so do not bother to keep that relationship, end it right there. No one is allowed to forsake the pain and abuse one goes through in a relationship naming it as compromise or love. We hope justice be prevailed as soon as possible.