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John Boyega Speaks up in a Video and Slams the White People Over Racist

A truly pressing and contentious issue in present memory is the death of George Floyd. Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin killed him. He applied pressure on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes using his feet. Succumbing to the extreme pressure George’s life gave in. In the video he was seen telling that he could not breath. This was a latest incident in the long list of racist incidents in recent times. Hate crime has surged to a new dimension altogether. These beasts who derive pleasure by killing the blacks are sure to be hanged. Wild uproar has taken place across the country with protests demanding justice for George. Star Wars Actor John Boyega has been the addition to that list of protestors.

What did John Boyega say on Twitter?

John Boyega tweeted by saying that this was a disgraceful incident. Such a demonic act should be condemned at all quarters. He made his displeasure for white racist people quite evident in his tweet. He used explicit language to describe his feelings for them. John said that he hated white racists. Black people were subjected to intense subjugation from their end. They were always made to feel inferior to them in social standards. This cruelty meted out could only be possible due to the attitude of the white folk.

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How did Boyega reply to the criticisms?

After his tweet John was equally praised and lambasted for his comments. Some of them on Twitter said that hatred is a very strong word for a crime. What we can do is to reconcile them and make them understand their faults. Boyega replied by saying that he was entitled to his views. He would not change it in order to please someone and would always stand by it no matter what. Some however criticized the kind of language that he used. To which Boyega replied by saying that his tweet was not meant for kids. It was a deeply personal message and he had written what he had felt. He also said that he was not the type to be bullied after being brought up by strong parents and cultures.

Which other stars joined the protest?

John Boyega was far from the only celebrity who joined in the protest. Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Cardi B were the other prominent personalities who expressed consoles to George and his family.