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A music star joe diffie Dies of Coronavirus

  • Joe Diffie a popular sixty-one-year-old music star of Tulsa died of Coronavirus on Sunday. He was known for his singing style and for his lighthearted lyrics, in his career, he got the opportunity to sing for mainstream and got success in year 1990s.

Recently Diffie sang thirteen albums and more twenty hit songs. In which the most popular albums were ‘If the Devil Danced’ and ‘Honkytonk attitude’. Just two days before he died he opened up to the public about his illness and was under-recovery.

Even because of lots of media interventions in his private life he asked the media and public that he and his family needs privacy in this tough time and also asked his fans to remain safe and careful during this pandemic.

His songs like ‘Good ol boy’ was a hit in 1994 also the ‘pickup man’ got so much of popularity and fans love. In the year 2007 also he got recognition through the song Jason Aldean sung in chorus ‘Joe, joe, joe Diffi.

Diffie was surprised to know that Aldean sang, he felt honor for so much love and admiration he got.

For twenty-five years he was a member of Grand ole opry and got fame in Oklahoma. In his career, he was awarded by Grammy award in 1998 for his most famous song he sung ‘Same old train”.

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In the year 1993, the two most popular singers Mary Chapin Carpenter and Diffie was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award for their duet song ‘ Not too much to ask’.

After the loss of such a great soul and lovable singer the Singer Travis Triff, tweet to share his grief for Diffie , that an era of 90s they were friends, cum partners. He gave his deepest condolences to joe’s family, friends and fans. It’s a great shock for the nation and for everyone in the music industry.