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Joaquin Phoenix Rooney Mara Is She Pregant Are They Expecting There First Child

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara have been together for quite a while and fans can’t stop asking themselves that is there is more to their relationship than being a boyfriend and girlfriend.

And now, It seems that the whole thing is maybe bigger than what we thought of it as recently, some sources have announced that Rooney Mara is pregnant and maybe she could be about 6 months pregnant.

Is This True??

The duo has been keeping it a secret for quite a while and this lockdown has been able to keep it down but recently there was a pic released by them in which Rooney was in baggy clothes and her baby bump was showing up real good.

Which eventually turned all the rumors in truth. Although the couple has been able to avoid all these questions from various sources and for now they have been able to keep it private and remain shut regarding the whole thing.

How They Were Able to Meet?

The couple initially started dating back when they met on the sets of “Mary Magdalene”. Even though they met on the sets of “Her” too, but back then they were not that close and didn’t feel free to profess their love for each other.

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When Phoenix was asked back then about Mara. He said “I think Mara despises me ” and later on Mara also shared the fact that she secretly liked him but was too shy back then.

Joaquin even added that “She is the only girl I ever tried to find out on the Internet as I don’t do it deliberately but this one time I did”.

The couple was also got engaged in July 2019, and then again all of it happened secretly but the couple was noticed a lot and Mara was caught wearing the engagement ring on more than one occasion.

As the lockdown has been set up, Mara is somewhat is waiting for her upcoming movie shoot “Nightmare Alley” which is the remake of the 1947 classic by Guillermo Del Toro.