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Jimmy Buffett New Album Is Getting Much Love

This Quarantine period has changed all of us to a certain g degree. It has either led to a reformative change in our character. Or it has brought about something new, a side we never knew we would discover. Take the instance of Jimmy Buffet in this regard. The music mogul is spending majority of his time learning Guitar, practicing French and spending time in the waters of Southern California. However he has released his new album during this Quarantine period. As usual it has been showered with love. Here is some crucial information about this album of his.

Title of the New Album and It’s Contents

This new album of Jimmy has been titled Life on the Flip Side. It majorly consists of songs which relate to his earlier endeavors. They majorly resonate with the Key West Era songs. It is an ode to his other songs like Coming Monday and Grape fruit- Juicy Fruit. Album is supposed to consist of a list of songs which are considered to be his signature styles and formats. For 50 years now this music mogul has constantly innovated with his music and has given us some of the biggest hits ever.

Where was the album recorded?

Jimmy had recorded his album in the South Florida studio. This he had done along with the other members of his Coral Reef Band. Their band achieved massive popularity through the 1970’s with a series of hit songs. Jimmy had released most of these songs of his on online virtual platform. Due to the Pandemic live global shows were not a feasible proposition. Thus most of his songs were released on the online platforms. There many other people could listen to them. He had also conducted a global live musical release on the internet. This was attended by thousands of his fans all across the globe.

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Reception to the album

There has been a very positive public reception for the album. In many interviews Jimmy was asked what was the difference this time. Since he was used to playing in front of arena full of crowds. He said that this situation due to Pandemic was nothing different. He actually had played in front of minuscule crowds before in his career. The lockdown has been a difficult times for all Americans alike. Jimmy thought that to find fun through songs in this time of the Pandemic could be the key to happiness and joy.