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Jessica Alves Walks Hand in Hand With Her Plastic Surgeon Boyfriend on a Date

Former Rodrigo alves aka Human Ken Doll aka Jessica Alves was seen walking on the Milan street with her boyfriend. She and her plastic surgeon boyfriend – Giacomo Urtis were walking hand in hand on the street showing off their love.

Jessica Alves looked absolutely stunning in her all white, full body outfit. The skin hugging corset type outfit with plunging neckline highlighted the sexy curves of Jessica. The pink cardigan complimented her recently launched hair extensions. No wonder she looked like a barbie.

Her boyfriend Giacomo looked no less stylish than her as he flaunted off a leather bomber jacket with black trainers which he paired with the jeans.

Last year, Jessica came out as a transgender. She spent whooping amount of €600,000 on her surgeries. Jessica had her six packs removed and inserted in her backside. Also her Adam’s apple was removed, breast enlarged and bottom agumentation surgery performed. She also takes female hormones. She had undergone facial feminization surgery.

Jessica said that it is altogether different to date as a woman. She said that everybody needs to be loved and she will also marry the man of her dreams who won’t care about the gender she has been born into.

Jessica stared into the British television show, Celebrity Big Brother. Love Me Gender: Everyone Deserves A Bit Of Love In Life, is her own dating show.

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