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Jerry Stiller Net Worth 2020 All You Need to Know About

In the past few weeks a large number of famous Hollywood personalities have passed away. It has been a real week of mourning. That fact was aggravated more when Seinfeld famous Jerry Stiller passed away at the age of 92. This news was confirmed by his son Ben Stiller. He said that his father had died of natural age related causes. However over 50 years in Hollywood, Jerry had earned fortune for himself through his roles in TV series and cinema simultaneously.

Jerry Stiller: Marriage and Independent Behavior

Jerry was always a very talented actor. But he was limited to playing that angry dad of the teenager on daily soaps. His true acting talents were showcased when he signed up for Seinfeld. Jerry married Anne Meara. Both of them were independent comics and starting collaborating on projects. Both of them have a very prudent and good sense of humor. Anne was a very creative and talented comedy writer. Thus both of them formed a really influential and funny couple. They appeared on Johnny Carson’s Late Night Show on CNN. Not only did they collaborate on several projects but worked independently and separately as well.

Jerry Stiller: Seinfeld

It was with Seinfeld that Jerry truly became a global sensation. His role as Frank Costanza was one of the highlights of the entire show. He remained on the show for about 26 episodes out of the total of 172. This stint helped him to earn a lot of movie offers including the King of the Queen’s. Jerry also assisted his son Ben in his famous comedy project The Zoo lander. That is perhaps one of the very few projects where the father son duo have collaborated together.

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Jerry Stiller: Net Worth

Stiller Senior’s comedy and acting career not only earned him fame but also fortune. Since he worked in a fair number of films for a considerable time, he was able to earn quite an amount of fortune. It was reported that when he died his Net Worth was about $13-15 million. This makes him a fairly wealthy celebrity.