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Jerry O’Connell Get a Professional Haircut by Rebecca Romijn

Quarantine time has brought out innovative aspects in human beings. While some have explored their inner talents, some have rekindled the fire which might have turned them into something different. Celebrity couples have really had a gala break during this period. While some have tried their hands at cooking and washing. Others have taken a more professional outlook, something like hair cutting. Recently on CBS there was a show called Haircuts in America. There Jerry O Connell got his hair cut by his wife Rebecca Romijn.

Rebecca Romijn cuts Jerry O Connell’s Hair

Rebecca Romijn turned barber for that show. It was a hilarious experience for the couple. Rebecca got special help after consulting Davy Newkirk on video chat. She was being consulted during this entire duration. Jerry said that all the hairs were falling on his face and was ridiculing his wife in public. It was all in good humor as the couple were laughing their way through the entire session. Davy was an expert hair stylist. Styling Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba are the credentials. The entire incident was very funny and was great to watch for the fans of the show. It basically shows the worst hairdos in American industry with special emphasis on Celebrity haircuts.

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Jerry O Connell dyes Rebecca Romijn’s hair

On the other hand Jerry took the responsibility of dying his wife Rebecca Romijn’s hair. Rebecca’s hair is a thing of beauty and is very wonderful. Her hair was the most beautiful thing as she had spent a considerable amount of time on her hair. While the entire dying process Rebecca was afraid of what her husband might do to her hair. During the process Jerry was using a variety of colors to die his wife’s hair. During the video chat Davy was instructing him on how to dye the air. Using the colors on the hair he was spreading them uniformly. On the other hand the expression on Rebecca’s face told the entire story as she was not only surprised but also amazed at how good her husband was at the work.

Which Other Stars Would Do the Same?

Many other stars in the Hollywood are the ones who are participating in this program. They include famous and eminent personalities like Lindsey Von, Kelly Osbourne and Lindsay Lohan.