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Jennifer Lopez Birthday Special Fans Are Excited And Showering Loves On Her Post

Jennifer Lopez a very famous singer is recently going to turn 50 on 24th July. Our very own girl will celebrate her 50th birthday most probably with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and their 4 children.

She is also known by her nickname J.Lo. Apart from being a singer, J.Lo is also an actor, businesswoman, fashion designer, and a dancer. She has 4 kids with her boyfriend, 2 twin boys, and 2 girls, who are all aged between 10 to 13.

J.Lo’s birthday has always has been very special for her and she seems to enjoy it a lot with her family. Most of the time either they are on a vacation or either is partying with friends and family. Along with all the celebrations, Alex’s heartwarming message for the love of her life melts all of our hearts, and fans seem to adore this sweet couple a lot. He never fails to surprise Jennifer and also ends up gifting the most amazing kinds of stuff. Alex once gifted her a Porsche worth 1.4 Crore, how amazing is that!

Due to this COVID-19 outbreak and the whole pandemic situation we don’t think the couple will go anywhere for vacation. Looking at the safety of their kids and themselves it would be better for them to stay at home. However, the b’ day will not be as amazing as it has always been nevertheless the safety of our loved ones are more important than anything else.

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Also, we will miss the amazing pictures of the couple that they put up every year during the b’day celebration. But anyway, there’s no harm in watching one of our favorite couples enjoying and partying at home with all the safety measures taken.

We wish J.Lo many more amazing b’ day like these. And we wish her to stay as fit and healthy as she is now.

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