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Jeffersonville Police to Help the Elderly by Delivering Vital Medications

JEFFERSONVILLE: If under any circumstances you are not able to leave your home with the ongoing pandemic and need a important medication, the police department has offered to help. The community outreach division of the police department plans to pick up and drop off essential medicines to all the people who require them.

The program is designed for the residents of the city who are senior citizens and cannot go out.

This Is How It Works:

If you need a vital medication, call up your local chemist and ask to arrange for the medicines and be available to be picked up between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. on either Tuesday or Thursday and say that the Jeffersonville Police will be picking them up.

Once the order is placed, contact the police department at 812-283-6633 and arrange for an officer to pick up your prescription information and total payment at your home. The officer will then get your prescriptions and bring them back to you.

The department has repeatedly said that the service is only for the elderly and nobody else shall exploit it during this hard time of the quarantine.

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