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Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to fight against climate change!

World’s richest man, founder of Amazon has committed $10 billion for the cause to fight climate change.

Jeff Bezos announced on Monday in his Instagram post that he will be spending $10 billion from his fortune to fight climate change. He has named this initiative as ‘ The Bezos Earth Fund’

Bezos has promised that the money from ‘The Bezos Earth Fund’ will be used in issuing grants to the scientists, activists, NGO’s and anyone who offers efforts for any possibility of change. ‘Climate Change us the real threat for our planet’ said Jeff in his Instagram post. These funds will supposedly start granting from summer but apart from his Instagram post, Jeff has not announced the plan of action.

Bezos owns a fortune of $130 billion. He will be spending $10 billion from his own money. In 2018, he launched a network of free nonprofit preschools. The spokesperson of Amazon has confirmed about ‘The Bezos Earth Fund’ to the Verge.

Jeff has announced a huge chunk of amount for climate change. If he spends the money uniformly in 10 years, he will be Country’s biggest Climate Philanthropist. Even if Jeff spends $10 billion in this fund, he will still be the richest man in the world. Though $10 billion are not sufficient to save the Earth.

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Amazon has the production of huge carbon print and the officials have announced that they will be running the company completely on the solar energy sources till 2030. Even though Jeff’s decision of donating $10 billion for climate change is appreciated, some of their workers believe that Amazon is also highly responsible for climate change and must change it’s ways as soon as possible.