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Jazz star “Manu Dibango” Dies After Affected By Deadly Coronavirus

As you know about the deadly coronavirus that is spreading all over the world not only on normal people, many stars and celebrities is also affected by this deadly virus.

The government of every country and people of every country is scared of this virus and the curfew and lockdown rule is applied in every country.

While it is not fully helpful still people die and many are affected by this.

The jazz star Manu Dibango is died on the 24th of March (today) after affecting this deadly virus, covid 19.

He is affected by this virus is confirmed by his representatives.

Manu Dibango is 86 years old and a very famous jazz star.

His music publisher told about his death that he dies on 24th march in the morning in the Paris region.

He is affected by the covid 19 and then died and this confirms after viewing a message on his Facebook page.

Now, this covid 19 has become a very deadly virus, if we have to stay safe then we have to follow the rules that the government and the doctors told.

We have to stay at our hope and only go outside if there is any important work. The message on his fb page also says the funeral going to happen in privacy. Now we all have to stay safe at our home and follow all rules to protect ourselves and also other people.

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