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Jay Inslee Washington Gov. Issue To Stay At Home To Fight Over Coronavirus

As we all have seen that the affected person and death rate of people is increasing day by day all over the world, no one is safe.

There is still not a perfect vaccine for this virus. Doctors and nurses in every country are still trying their best to save and cure people.

But the general public also has some duty towards themselves, towards their family, towards their country and also for humanity which is that they have to stay home for saving themselves and also others.

More than 41000 people are affected by the covid 19 and also 499 deaths, the health department of the US said that staying home is the best way to keep safe from this virus.

Many places are shut down in the US like schools, colleges, offices and many other places.

After seeing this entire situation the governor of Washington issues a staying home order for the people of Washington.

The order issues declare that everyone has to stay home and go outside only when they have some essential work.

The order is issued by the government but there is no penalty for breaking it and the governor said that losing someone of their family due to this virus is the penalty, so stay home and stay safe.

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