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Jason Scott Lee Is All Set to Play the Villain Role in Mulan as He Explain in a Interview

Several movie releases have been stalled due to the ongoing Pandemic related to the Coronavirus. The virus has claimed millions of lives and has been the prime reason behind the destruction of the economy. Since the pandemic has been raging at large, all kinds of activities have come to a standstill. The cinema industry too has suffered a lot owing to the Pandemic. Major movie releases like Artemis Fowl, Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 have decided not to release the movie for the wider audience at large. However there is some good news round the corner. It has been confirmed that the much anticipated Chinese Epic Mulan will release sometime soon.

Plot of Mulan

We would finally see Mulan hit the screens on Disney Hotstar sometime soon. There were many conjectures about whether the movie would at all release on the platform. However we are glad to know that we will see a rendition of this Disney 1998 classic. The story will show the growth of the Chinese Empire and how it has countered unholy forces over the years. But now they face the biggest of challenges in the form of Bori Khan.

What Has Jason Scott Lee Said About the Movie and the Character?

It is really good to know that finally we will get to see Jason Scott Lee playing the villain character of Bori Khan in the movie. Jason in a recent interview said the hat is after many delays and schedule problems that Mulan is finally going to release. Moreover, the movie has a different plot to the animated classic. In the animated version wwhich released in 1998, Bori Khan would attack China only because of the purpose of conquest. But here in the movie, Bori has an added rage which is fueled by the fact that the Emperor of China, the character played by Jet Li had murdered his father. So he wants to avenge his father’s death. He would also take the help of a which with magical powers.

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Fan Expectations

Fans have been waiting for the release of the movie for quite some time now. They are highly excited that although cinema halls are closed, they can watch the movie sitting at their homes on Disney Plus. The film is generating great interest among a huge number of the audience. Although not much information is available at this point about the release date. It is expected to be available on Disney Plus from December 4.