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James Marsden Net Worth All You Need to Know

Hollywood celebrities are always assumed to be very rich and prosperous. While some of them earn millions of dollars since they have developed their reputation over years. New actors too earn a hefty amount of money as their first venture. This must be credited to the expansion of business in Hollywood. With more revenue being generated in the industry it has become more obvious about the amount of cash shelled out. More ambitious projects are being taken up year after year in this endeavor.

James Marsden: Early Life

This talented actor was born in the city of Oklahoma, in United States of America. He attended the Oklahoma State University during his college years. But James as a child was always interested in the profession of acting. Thus he left his college in the Sophomore year. He then started appearing in loads of television shows to earn a name and living for himself. Some of his earliest television works include The Nanny and Boogies Dinner. Some of his other famous television works are in shows like Saved by the Bell and Second Noah.

James Marsden: Acting Career

Marsden stuck his first big break when he got casted for the character of Cyclops in X-Men. The role of Scott Summers made him very popular among the comic book fans. Since he got that exposure, he was seen once again starring in Superman Returns. Then he also had a string of good movies in The 27 Dresses, Enchanted and Death at a Funeral. Later, he appeared in an episode of the hit NBC Comedy 30 Rock. There he played the role of the eventual sweetheart and lover of Tina Fey. That earned him a lot of appreciation from the crowd and his fame only increased. Finally again he became even more popular when he bagged an important role in Anchorman 2. Acting alongside legends like Will Ferrell and Steve Carell, he held his own.

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James Marsden: Net Worth

This tall dark good looking actor has always been an eye candy for the fans. Reports suggested that his total net worth was around $8 million. Again an impressive amount of money for an actor.