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James Corden Says Thank You to BTS Army as They Raised Money for Black Lives Matter

The Geroge Floyd protest has sparked a huge outrage worldwide, with many protesters participating to stand against racial discrimination. The nerve chilling pictures of the death of George Floyd, killed by the Minneapolis Police led to these events. Since then many influential personalities and celebrities have expressed their concern regarding the matter with many of them openly participating in the protest.

The same is true for BTS, the Korean Boy band who recently donated $1 million to support the protesters. The Korean pop band took to their twitter to show their support. The boy band wrote, “We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together.”

The BTS Army also joined in #BlackLivesMatter

Following their favorite superstars, the BTS fanbase also jumped in to show their support. Another hashtag started trending soon after BTS made their donation. ##MatchAMillion started trending on Twitter and many donated their share. On June 8 they easily surpassed the target of $1 million surpassing the donation made by BTS.

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Over 35,000 peoples willingly donated to support the protests in the US. The fandom once again showed their unity for a greater cause. The fandom shared the details of the donations as well through their Twitter account.

James Corden thanked the BTS Army

The Late Late Show host James Corden thanked the BTS fandom with a never seen before video with the BTS. He is seen in carpool karaoke with the whole BTS band members. The group was seen singing a mixed version of Baby Shark. The fans were pretty overwhelmed by seeing this. Fans showered their love with the gesture and started flooding the tweet with loads of comments.

One fan wrote, “Thank you James aka PAPA MOCHI!! BTS and ARMYs are indeed a powerful and wonderful family.”

While the other said, “Thank you, James, but can you help us to give a big thanks to@OneInAnARMY? They organized the BML donation and more than 500 hundreds charity projects in all the world. They are our biggest pride. Please give them some papa mochi love.”