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James Charles Posted His Hilarious Look on Instagram!! and Asking “Where We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go”

Who is James Charles?

Even if you’re not into makeup you should know who James Charles is. James Charles is King when it comes to makeup. He is so talented. Every day he will shock us with his new looks. The 21 year old makeup artist and beauty guru was born on 23rd May, 1999, in Albany County, New York, U.S. He started his you tube journey 5 years back, 2015. He is worth more than US $12 Million. His You Tube channel goes by same name ‘James Charles’. You’ll find vlogs, makeup and beauty. Sometimes he will post challenges related to makeup/ beauty.

James Charles new look!!

Charles who has around 22.4 Million followers on his instagram and 22.6 Million subscribers and 303 videos posted is a guru when it comes to makeup. His makeup game is always on point. So many people go crazy over his makeup. He has merchandise like hoodies and makeup related stuff. He has fans all over the world. So many people including I look up to him when it comes to makeup. James new look is so good. It looks beautiful honestly. The black lipstick and that black eye shadow with a tint of green and blue are just so fine. There have been times where he has received a lot of backlash from people because of some or the other drama. He is such a famous makeup artist in the world.

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If you are just starting your makeup journey then you have to check out his page and his you tube channel for some really good ideas. His content is too good. He recently posted a video of his new house tour and OMG his house is so beautiful. He recently had bought a new home. Everyone loved his new home and he received a lot of positive response for that video.