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James Bond ‘No Time to Die’: Premiere Cancelled Due to Coronavirus!

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the new James Bond film “No Time to Die” has cancelled its China premiere as well as its promotional related tour that is scheduled in April, according to Chinese reports. According to the report, multiple shows that were scheduled to be performed or premiered in china have now been cancelled.

About the Film

‘No Time To Die’ is yet another to be hit directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. The film stars Daniel Craig(Bond), Ralph Fiennes(M), Ben Whishaw(Q), and Naomie Harris(Miss Moneypenny). Rami Malek, Billy Magnussen, and Ana de Armas will be the new joinings of this franchise. The film will mark the last role of star Daniel Craig as an iconic spy 007. It is set to make debut in North America on April 10. “No Time to Die” is the 25th film in the  James Bond franchise. The franchise has yet to find a replacement to Craig’s role, who has been leading the series since 2006’s “Casino Royale,” also going on to appear in “Spectre,” “Skyfall,” and “Quantum of Solace.

What is the current situation?

According to London’s Sunday Times report that even if cinemas reopen in time for the film’s premiere, Bond, co-writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Naomie Harris would be among those won’t be able to get doctors’ clearance to travel to China. Coronavirus has already infected more than 69,000 people around the world, mostly in mainland China. It has almost killed 1,669, including four that is outside mainland China, according to CNN.

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The releases for all Valentine’s Day films and most of its around February titles have now been cancelled in the country. No end in sight for cinema or around it appearing right now. Citizens across the country remain in enforced self-quarantine, rarely even coming outside of their homes.

Effect on the Chinese economy and Hollywood

The current toll recorded on the Chinese box office was during last month’s Lunar New Year holiday weekend. The grosses totaled just $2 million, down from $507 million as compared to last year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The economic toll has felt by Hollywood at a major level. China has the second-largest box office in the world; a strong reason that shows it is crucial for the success of films in the franchise era.