Jaden Smith Wish His Step Brother Trey Smith by an Instagram Post. Have a Look What He Said About Trey

Even though jaden and trey are step brother’s, they seem very close to each other. Trey wasn’t close to his father after will divorced his mother and it looked like trey will hate Will’s second family but trey is in good terms with all. Trey is an actor and a dj, goes by name Ace.

What Was the Post of Jaden for Trey

Trey turned 28 years old this year on 11 November. Jaden posted a really cute childhood picture of his with trey hughing each other. He captioned the post as “happy birthday to my big brother, I love you fir life G. “. The post received 3,45,000 likes and 650 comments in 24 hr. A musician named daniel dartiste also commeted on the post as ” The ace face happy birthday ace”.


Things to Know About Treys Relationship With His Dad

Trey is the son of will Smith and sheree zampino. The couple got divorced soon after there marriage, but they are still in good terms. Trey appeared for the first time on TV in 1998 along with his rather In wills video album “just the two us”. After the divorce Trey wasn’t comfortable about his parents divorce as it was really hard to go through this at young age, which made him somehow distant from his father.

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In the year 2018 will shared a picture of himself along with Trey of there Abu dhabi trip nd mentioned there relationship struggle with each other. He wrote “it has not always been like this between Trey and me, we struggled for years after my divorce from his mother. He felt betrayed and abandoned. It is a wild blessing to recover and restore a loving relationship with nu beautiful son”.